Center for Personal Development and Education “ANIMA”

women leadership / education / media and campaigning / arts and cultural projects and events / home violence / harassment / feminism / childbirth and maternity / reproductive rights / women entrepreneurship / ecology

Moldova. Balti

Coverage: the North of Moldova

Type: NGO/NPO/Social Enterprise


The head of the organization is a woman, 2/3 of the members of the organization are also women. The mission of our organization is to attract citizens, especially young people, to the development and consolidation of society by encouraging and supporting various social, educational, cultural and environmental events and initiatives.

Aims and objectives:

Our aims and objectives are to contribute to stimulating the initiative for the participation of young people in solving problems in society, promoting and implementing education and training programs, personal development, developing and implementing different social, psychological, legal, ecological, economic, cultural, activism and leadership, etc.

Main activities:

Elaboration, organization, implementation of non-formal education courses for young people, adults; Conducting competitions, seminars, training, conferences, round tables; Raising the qualitative level of the cognitive and intellectual potential of the citizens (mostly young people).