Center of Equal Rights Expertise / Roma integration in Belarus

women leadership / research / education / legal assistance / media and campaigning / migrants and internally displaced / childbirth and maternity / reproductive rights / women entrepreneurship / ethnic minorities


Coverage: Belarus / Lithuania

Type: NGO/NPO/Social Enterprise

Description: The objective of the activities of the Center of Equal Rights Expertise is supporting and promoting the implementation and protection of the rights of ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural and other minorities in Belarus, Lithuania and other countries. Special focus is the promotion of the program of Roma integration in Belarus, the support of the Network of Roma Mediators, the Women's Roma Network in Belarus.

Aims and objectives: Important focus – the rights of Roma women and girls, promotion of the program of Roma integration in Belarus.

Main activities: Human rights, training Roma mediators, Roma women leaders (since 2015), Empowering Roma girls through education in Belarus (2017-2018), Preventing child, early and forced marriage among Roma girls through the promotion of better education, including training for teachers and Roma leaders in Belarus (2015-2016).