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Belarus. Vitebsk

Coverage: Vitebsk 

Type: Initiative


CLOSET FREE is an initiative of several people who try to make the life of LGBTQ+ people from Vitebsk more eventful. We are quite a new initiative aimed at making LGBTQ+ people from Vitebsk more visible and creating a community that has no prejudices and where everyone can feel free and be themselves. We also organise educational events for people who take an interest in such themes as gender, sexuality, human rights, feminism, etc.

Our initiative took start during the school of creative leadership organised by MAKEOUT. We are quite amateur in organising and helding events, our crew consists of students only, but we are willing to learn and do this every day.

Aims and objectives: 

1) to make LGBTQ+ people from Vitebsk more visible both for each representative and for the crew of CLOSET FREE
2) create LGBTQ+ community in Vitebsk
3) to find out the needs of Vitebsk LGBTQ+ community and allies to work out a plan for further development 

Main activities:

We organise such events as cinema evenings, trainings, art events, workshops, game-nights, lectures, we even had an exhibition.