Gender Stream

women leadership / research / education / media and campaigning / feminism

Ukraine. Dnipro

Coverage: Dnipro region

Type: NGO/NPO/Social Enterprise


Gender Stream is a social awareness campaign. A platform for discussion, exchange of information and opinions by residents of Dnipro who support issues of gender equality and feminism.

Aims and objectives:

The main purpose of the organization is to satisfy and protect the legitimate social, economic and other common interests of members of the organization, to promote equality of rights and opportunities for women and men in the socio-economic sphere, socio-political sphere, education and all other fields, protection of human dignity, promotion of gender education for citizens, and comprehensive promotion of feminist discourse for the realization of the idea of diverse, inclusive and gender-sensitive country.


Supporting leadership and developing women's initiatives.

Main activities:

  • Advocacy of women's interests in communities by increasing the level of responsibility and gender sensitivity of government representatives of all levels, and public servants;
  • Awareness activities;
  • Empowering women to protect their rights in different circumstances of life;
  • Institutional development.