Group of Feminist Initiatives from Moldova

women leadership / research / education / media and campaigning / feminism


Coverage: Moldova

Type: NGO/NPO/Social Enterprise 


GIFM is a Moldovan grassroots organization active since 2015. It brings together a number of activists, journalists, policy professionals and researchers, who organize feminist activities, such as street marches, public lectures, book and movie clubs, public debates and implements online platform was born from the need for local debates, discussions, knowledge production and sharing on feminist theory and practice. Run by a diverse group of Moldovan feminists, the platform is open to contributions from an ever-growing community of activists, journalists, and researchers interested in the topic. 


We have long felt that Moldova lacks more in-depth feminist analysis, both in the media, as well as in the public and political discourse. Our mission is therefore twofold:

  1. We aim to contribute with information, ideas, thoughts and arguments to improving the conditions of women and men from Moldova.
  2. We intend to fill in the gap of knowledge in the field of feminism and gender equality, and to advance their understanding as meaningful, life changing concepts.