International Public Association “Gender Perspectives”

research / education / psychological and social assistance / legal assistance / media and campaigning / home violence / harassment / feminism / migrants and internally displaced


Coverage: Belarus

Type: NGO/NPO/Social Enterprise

Description: The International Public Association “Gender Perspectives” was established in 2010 in Belarus (registration certificate No. 02080 dated 10.08.2010 issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus) by the initiative group of women working in projects to prevent human trafficking and combat its root causes. Gender Perspectives' mission is to contribute to the social development where women and men making gender equal life choices. 

Aims and objectives: The activity of the organization is aimed at the promotion of de-facto gender equality and protection from all forms of gender discrimination via social programmes on prevention of gender-based violence, including trafficking in persons, domestic violence, discrimination at the work place, sexual harassment, etc.

Main activities: We provide direct services for (potential) migrants and those at risk of human trafficking, survivors of domestic violence. We advocate for better laws and policies based on international standards and respect for human rights. We raise awareness about women's rights and feminism. We build capacities of professional groups responsible for addressing gender inequality, human trafficking and domestic violence. We conduct researches that inform adequate strategies and policies. We are part of international NGOs' networks – La Strada International, WAVE. We facilitate engagement civil society and government. We contribute to promotion and achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals.