Krasnodar LGBT social movement “Revers”

research / education / psychological and social assistance / legal assistance / media and campaigning / LGBTQ+ / arts and cultural projects and events / feminism / healthcare

Russia. Krasnodar

Coverage: Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus

Type: Movement

Description: Krasnodar social LGBT movement "Revers" was established in March 2015 in Krasnodar. Our aspiration is in the equality of rights and opportunities for people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. All people are respected and valuable in society without discrimination.
The mission of our movement is to protect the rights and interests of LGBT community representatives, to overcome discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, to promote a healthy lifestyle, to educate and cultivate, to promote the values of democracy and human rights.

Aims and objectives: Our aims are to create a tolerant and stigma-free attitude towards LGBT people in society and to improve the quality of life of LGBT people through comprehensive programs on human rights, information and visibility, developing the potential of the organization and the community, and building partnerships and solidarity with other organizations.

Main activities:

  • Community Center for LGBT and allies.
  • Psychological, legal, social support for LGBT people.
  • Informational, educational and cultural events.
  • Monitoring of cases of discrimination and violation of human rights on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Prevention of HIV, anonymous free HIV testing.
  • Preparation of dialogue between the society and the LGBT community, providing the public with truthful information about LGBT people.
  • Cooperation with professional communities to promote the rights and interests of LGBT people.
  • Building partnerships with other civil initiatives to provide mutual support and exchange of experience.