March, baby!

media and campaigning / home violence / harassment


Coverage: Belarus

Type: Initiative


An initiative group whose goal is to develop and adopt a comprehensive law on combating domestic violence in Belarus.

Aims and objectives: 

We are an initiative group of concerned Belarusians, which has been self-organized on the very day when the Concept of the Law on Combating Domestic Violence was criticized by the President of the Republic of Belarus and automatically forced onto the back burner.

We have created a closed group “March, baby!” on Facebook, which gained 2,000 participants in two days. After this, two offline meetings followed with people who are ready to actively act and join the process. There are currently more than 100 such people.
Our task is to initiate the open discussion on the law on countering domestic violence and to make life in Belarus more comfortable and safer for every one of us.

Today we are 2,070 people, and tomorrow it could be 100,000. And this means that then the legislator will be able to make a single bill that will become accessible, working, understandable and effective for everyone.