Moscow community center for LGBT+ initiatives

psychological and social assistance / legal assistance / LGBTQ+ / arts and cultural projects and events / feminism

Russia. Moscow

Coverage: Moscow

Type: NGO/NPO/Social Enterprise


Moscow community center is a resource for LGBT+ initiatives. MCC is a platform for the implementation of various educational projects, for enlightenment, creativity and support for the LGBT community in the Moscow region. MCC is a non-profit organization that brings together regional activists, offers solutions and is involved in the achievement of the objectives of the LGBT community.
The launch of the Moscow branch of MCC brought many opportunities and possibilities for the development of the community.

Every day new people join us as volunteers, they bring and realize new ideas. At the MCC we are always glad to see you among our friends and we are ready to help you in realizing your projects. In the Moscow community center, you are able to be heard, to receive support and attention. Here you can feel you are among friends and associates, there is always warm and sincere atmosphere and it’s nice to be yourself. Our aim is to give you a chance to feel the atmosphere of friendship, support and acceptance.

Aims and objectives: 

  • To strengthen the cohesion, visibility, and potential of the LGBT+ community in defending their rights, engaging the community in various forms of civic activism.
  • To seek recognition from the media, public and political organizations, the existence of the problem of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity and the expression and display of solidarity with the LGBT + movement.
  • To contribute to the recognition of the social unacceptability of any form of xenophobia and discrimination. Achieve recognition of the diversity and equal value of different types of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Main activities:

  • The program of legal support and legal education of LGBT+, including the monitoring of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Psychological support and social adaptation of LGBT+.
  • Cultural and educational activities: auctions, festivals, film discussions, etc.
  • Outreach work with helping professionals.
  • 'T * Community' Transgender Assistance Program.
  • Emergency program (shelter 'Queer House').
  • The program of rehabilitation and burnout prevention for activists.