women leadership / research / legal assistance / media and campaigning / home violence / harassment / feminism / fight against discrimination

Georgia. Tbilisi

Coverage: Georgia

Type: NGO/NPO/Social Enterprise

Description: It is a women's organization, widely known in Georgia for its strategic litigation, campaigns and lobbying activities. 

Aims and objectives: Sapari’s mission is to create equal, non-discriminatory and non-violent environment. Fight against discrimination and achieve equality among individuals. 

Main activities: Advocate and protect the rights of vulnerable groups, including women, children, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Lobby their interests through cooperation with the State institutions. Research and study various types of violence, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, severe stress and trauma. Hold activities aiming awareness raising, prevention and social mobilization. Support training and educative programs. Strategic litigation, legal aid and psychological assistance to the victims of gender-based violence.