tender for gender / тендер на гендер

psychological and social assistance / LGBTQ+ / arts and cultural projects and events / feminism

Belarus. Minsk

Coverage: Minsk

Type: Initiative


tender for gender is a grass root initiative working with capacity strengthening of young feminists, trans and nonbinary activists in Belarus. We work with topics of intersecting discrimination and address issues of systematic pressure related to body, sexuality, physical and mental wellbeing.

тендер на гендер – это низовая инициатива, которая работает с укреплением потенциала молодых феминист_ок, транс и небинарных активист_ок в Беларуси. Мы работаем с темами пересекающихся дискриминаций и делаем упор на проблемах систематического давления, связанного с телом, сексуальностью, физическим и ментальным благополучием.

Aims and objectives:

Our main aim is to increase visibility of feminist agenda in Belarus.

Our objectives are

1) to develop the capacity of feminist, trans and nonbinary activists to publicly discuss and address issues related to their experience of oppression,

2) to create self-organized spaces where trauma related to oppression can be discussed, and ways to mitigate it can be found,  

3) to queer the city and to expand feminist presence in Minsk,

4) to increase feminist representation in public events related to political and cultural causes.

Main activities:

1. Organizing festivals, meetings, groups and workshops on the topics above

2. Visibility campaigns

3. Expertise assistance