The Platform for Gender Equality

women leadership / research / education / media and campaigning / home violence / harassment / feminism / women entrepreneurship

Moldova. Chișinău

Coverage: Moldova 

Type: Umbrella organisation/association


The Platform for Gender Equality is a voluntary association of individuals and businesses that act as a unified voice for active promotion of gender equality. The platform was launched on 19th of June, 2015. Currently, it has 29 members and it is still open to new members.

Our Mission: Promoting gender equality in Moldova by improving the legal framework and ensuring its proper implementation.

Our Vision: Creating a fair and egalitarian society from a perspective of gender equality and human rights.

Aims and objectives: 

The aim of Platform for Gender Equality is advocating and lobbying gender perspectives in all areas of life through public awareness activities, meetings with parliamentary committees and ministries and members of the civil society.

  • Promote a balanced participation and representation of women in politics;
  • Prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence;
  • Promote a propitious environment to ensure gender equality in the labor market;
  • Promote women’s entrepreneurship;
  • Promote an adequate institutional framework for ensuring gender equality.

Main activities:

  • Ensuring the use of gender in the implementation of sustainable development objectives in R.M.
  • Promoting gender in the security and defense sector in the context of international standards
  • Verification of gender equality in the educational system of R.M.
  • Promoting the de facto balance between family life and work and the principle of equal pay for equal work.
  • Ensuring a society without gender violence.