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Coverage: Russia

Type: Initiative


Festival "Women. Disability. Feminism" will be held on March 15-17 as part of the month of women's solidarity. This is the first feminist festival in Russia devoted entirely to the problems of women with disabilities, as well as some related issues. The project has a horizontal organization: it was created by women with disabilities, activists, and volunteers. The festival will consist of discussions, lectures, and entertainment part.

The festival is designed to increase the visibility of women with disabilities, to provide a platform for discussing specific issues that women face in everyday life: about the accessibility of self-realization, the perception of ones body and sexuality in conditions of dependence on the environment and ableism. The program involves a discussion about the absence of a barrier-free environment and a discussion of the limitations imposed on women with disabilities. Some of the goals are to increase the inclusiveness of feminist initiatives, and to introduce women with disabilities to the feminist agenda.