Mid-May digest

Here's what we've fished for you by the middle of May. Featuring articles and resources in English and Russian.

How to make your workplace more femme friendly, what it's like to feel a worse mom than your own was, what Nordic paradox is, how women can help the planet and the first gender-inclusive stock photo library – mid-May digest is here to share!

Something to read

  • Nordic paradox
    While the Nordic countries are known to be the most gender-equal ones in the world, the rate of violence against women remains higher than in some EU countries like Greece, Italy and Portugal, which are much more behind with the gender equality issues.
  • I want to be my mom
    A personal story of a mother-daughter relationship full of looking up, self-loathing  and… mother's «Little Comments».
  • Вражда в беларусских медиа
    Язык вражды может заключаться не только в негативно окрашенных конкретных словах и фразах. Он может быть и мягким, усматривающимся скорее в общем контексте и посыле текста – про такой hate-speech на примерах совсем недавнего времени и говорится в тексте.

Something to use

  • The first gender-inclusive photo stock library
    After facing themselves a lack of images to represent non cis-gender people VICE has launched a stock photo library featuring trans and non-binary models. The photos are available in terms of the Creative Commons license, which means anyone can use them with non-commercial purposes and without making any derivative work from the images.

Something to watch 

  • Give her an answer
    On April 24, 2019 events devoted to the next years’ presidential elections featured something different: a forum made specifically for candidates to answer to women of colour. Following the link you can watch a recorded livestream or know more about She The People – a national network connecting women of colour and amplifying their voice to transform the US democracy.  
  • Цыганского класса у нас нет!
    Графический рассказ «Алёна» о ромских детях, которые идут в школу. Рассказ опубликован российской организацией АДЦ «Мемориал», которая занимается защитой прав меньшинств и уязвимых групп, к Международному дню прав рома.

Something to consider

Something to join 

  • Forest revolution! 
    Treesisters is an ecofeminist charity – it empowers women and plants trees in Kenya, Madagascar, Brazil and India. The Treesisters’ approach is “the balance of inner and outer, spiritual and practical, behavioral and ecological pathways towards that shift”. No matter where you live you can donate to the initiative and make the world a greener place. They say 10£ make 33 trees.
  • 17 days Empowerment Rural Women
    Women’s World Summit Foundation are launching 17 Days of activism for the empowerment of rural women leaders and their communities 1-17 October 2018. You can register your organization and participate with your action plan. Your activities will be included on the https://www.woman.ch/index.php/en/ and shared with other registered members. You can find the the 17 Days Campaign Kit here.

photo – The Gender Spectrum Collection


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